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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last show of the season

Yesterday I went to the Quilters Workshop show in Tampa.  Many very nice quilts and a nicely organized show.  In that group they seem to have a number of members who enjoy machine embroidery, and for the first time I saw a lot of quilts with machine embroidered elements, some of them with large flowers and so on.  I can't say that is something I would want to do myself, but I do see the appeal for ladies who have the big embroidery machines.
Here are some photos, no particular order and of quilts which I personally liked:

 Perfect way to use very tiny scraps !  I liked the dark background on this one.

 I liked this modern quilt very much.
 Fun rabbit applique just in time for Easter.

 I thought this was very striking.

The Blue collection, one of the first applique patterns I bought.  I must get that out again and finally make it, I am always happy when I see one completed and promise myself to get it done !
Nice Blackbird Designs applique in a dark colorway.

Hexiemania !  According to the label, this quilt has over 4000 hexies !

Love this design, fresh and clean with just the right amount of applique.

Loved this, must have been difficult to piece.
Happy Sunday to all from an overcast dreary Florida.  Yesterday we had glorious weather and I can only hope it brightens up later today.  Until then, it's good sewing weather !

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pierrefeu 10th Rencontres du Boutis

I have been waiting feverishly for the first photo reports of the weekend expo of boutis in Pierrefeu, which has grown in size and importance during the last ten years.

Lou was the first this morning to describe her experiences and shared wonderful photos with us.

Marie who had a stand of her own, has also posted great descriptions and lovely photos.

Henriette who with her team organizes this each year.

Lots of lovely photos from the ladies of Boutis divins of Chateau Gombert

Go and enjoy these, and I will update this list with other links as soon as I see them !

Saturday, March 7, 2015

More Quilt Shows ......

Spring is the season for quilt shows in Florida, and today we went to Sarasota to experience their show.  This guild has 300 members and puts on a very nice show.  Here are a few quilts that I thought were especially beautiful or interesting:
I have this book,Carrie Hall patterns by Barbara Brackman.  Great to see one made.

A Jo Morton pattern, so nice to see one of these made as well

 I do not do paper piecing, but I do appreciate them.
This was incredible work,it looks just like a painting.

Loved this, a Blackbird Designs applique from
 the Garden Club book (yes, you guessed, I have that book too !)
Lovely wool applique quilt, beautifully made.

I thought this was such an interesting modern quilt, loved the quilting which is not clear - narrow horizontal lines.

Great quilting on this one too, very detailed machine work.


You can see the scale of this from the ribbon - tiny wool applique and half inch !!!! finished triangle squares.

Bird applique, details were very nice.

Fun Christmas quilt also with beautiful detailed machine quilting.
I am anxiously awaiting some photos to be posted from the boutis expo in Pierrefeu - I will post links as soon as I get them from our French friends !

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mid Pinellas Quilt Show

Yesterday and today my guild, PQs, is hosting a show with two other groups at the Seminole Rec center.  Go if you can, this is such a nice show !   We were scheduled to work a couple of hours last evening, but since the crowds had come through earlier in the day it was quiet and we could look at the quilts.  Here are some of my favorites with names if I knew them:
Such a nice Kim Diehl pattern, I believe this belongs to Cathy Blanchard.

My large boutis, does not really come into its own with the pale background.

I have this pattern but only made one block I think, this is a lovely version of it.

Becky Madasz's beautiful version of Hop to It

and her lovely civil war quilt.  I have made this and loved every minute of it, Lou now owns that one. I am making another for myself, all blocks are done as well as the applique, need to put everything together (and I'm inspired to do that this weekend !)

Becky again, this is her own design.  I remember her drawing the house.  I also have the kit, never made, but I did play around with some different design options.

This was in the entry way, I do not recall whose quilt this was, beautiful though.

Another lovely Kim Diehl design.

My original design offered to PQs last year as a block of the month project.
A handmade Dear Jane - and perfect too !  What can I say, doesn't get better than this.  Made by the very talented Joan Petrelli.
The Caswell quilt, made by Margerite Connolly - fabulous red background !  Marguerite has a great eye for color.

Aren't these trees amazing ?  Cathy Starman made this, I have never seen this pattern but love it.

Many versions of this pumpkin quilt were on show, some bigger, some smaller.  Needless to say, I have this kit too, which came from Country Quilts years ago.  Need to make it, they all looked so cute.

Margerite again, I believe - sorry the color looks so odd, in fact this was a rich blue/purple batik.

Lovely schoolhouses in indgo by Marilyn Allison - this is one for Lou !

Love this, vibrant colors, made by Sue Lorenz.

Janet's Bunny Hill calendar quilt - this was a freebie one year, and Janet made such cute blocks.  Love the blue/grey setting colors.

Wool, made by Janis Magee - her quilts are just amazing, I looked at several in this show and they were all different, interesting, different methods and themes, from a truly creative person.

Yes, have this pattern too - lovely version of this with beads and sparkles.
******* PS - The show is over now, and when I went to pick up my quilts yesterday, I found that both boutis had won a ribbon !  There was a visitors choice ribbon in a number of categories, and the boutis won for wallhanging and miniature.  I was so thrilled, especially because this was a visitors vote, and it is important to me that people should love boutis !!!
Je suis super contente que mes boutis ont ete fort apprecies par les visiteurs, et ont gagne tous les deux un ruban pour la choix des visiteurs.  C'est pour moi tres important que le "vrai" boutis soit reconnu !

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Strawberry Fields forever .......

Florida in the spring is the primary source for fresh strawberries here.  We are lucky that the farms are close to us in Plant City, where there is a strawberry festival each year as well.  Today was a beautiful sunny day, and so I thought it would be a good idea to get going on some jam making.  I am always so optimistic about this, but my preserves are usually a terrible disappointment, they just don't want to jell. 
This year, I have made it a challenge:  new recipe book, new beautiful copper jam pan from Mauviel, and iron discipline where measurements are concerned ! 

Macerating ready for me to cook later.

Nothing ripe left on this plant, the tourist season is in full force now and there were many people out.
The beds are covered with this foil, keeps the strawberries really clean.

 I love these onions, called "strawberry onions", there are usually a couple of rows planted at the edge of the strawberry fields.  I don't know why.
So once I have made the jam, I will post an update - will it set or won't it ????
Update:  Yes, it worked !   I made two batches, 12 half pint jars.  I will do it again next month at the peak of the season, maybe strawberry marmalade next time.
All that is needed now are nice labels and a decorative fabric cover for the lids.