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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boutis - Antique Vermicule

Another wonderful boutis has joined my others !  I was lucky enough to acquire an exquisite, very old vermicule "Toilette" recently.   This piece measures 123cm x 160cm, and has a wide batiste frill of 21cm.  The frill is beautifully embroidered, with Broderie au tambour, very fine and considering the age, is in very good condition.  The fineness of the work would indicate that this is a studio piece, not one made at home.

Recently we have learned through books published on the subject, that a boutis should be as beautiful on the back as on the front.   I always strive to make my boutis beautiful on the reverse as well.  However, the very old ones don't seem to be that way, and on this piece, one can clearly see the tufts of stuffing sticking out of the motifs.

The stitching is absolutely wonderful, miniscule point de piqure.  There is a central carnation design, then overall beautiful motifs of pomegranates, paisleys, flowers and foliage of similar designs as you would see on an Indienne or chintz.  There are two beautiful narrow borders.

I had some trouble trying to get an overall photo, it is difficult to show white on white, and this boutis is large.  Most of the photos here are closeup to show you the details.

Outer border of leaves

Wonderful broderie au tambour all over the 21cm wide frill

Laundry mark on the reverse

Hard to see the entire design unfortunately.

Detail of designs

So much more beautiful when you can see the transparency

Central carnation

One of the many paisleys, all have different designs.

Inner border, I love the simplicity of this one.

On these two photos you can see the small tufts where the cording ends were not pushed back into the motifs.

Hope everyone got some stitching time in today !

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boutis - another petasson

Not too long ago, I acquired another petasson.  This one has a geometric overall design, and is rectangular with an embroidered edging.  Although it is small, I did wonder if it was more of a small crib boutis than a petasson, since is it a little larger than is typical.

 It is firmly stuffed and the stitching is even but not as fine as the piece as I last bought.
 Central geometric design with roses (?) running around the outside.
The embroidered frill has been attached so it looks almost like a piping.
Otherwise I am making progress on my large vanne.  Three more final borders to go, they are large and will be gorgeous when stuffed. 
Hope everyone gets some stitching time today.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Time has flown by again and here we are halfway through September.  I had posted some photos and a short report about the Streisselhochzeit in Seebach, but for some reason the photos did not show properly and I deleted it.  I will post a few photos here.

As far as stitching goes, I am plugging away at my boutis, but not making much progress.  I have some applique projects in the works, and on Sunday made a tablerunner with pumpkins, there is a lot of stitchery still to do on that before it's finished.  I also have a paper piecing project, which I hope to get lots done on next week when I go to a retreat.
Blocks 4 and 5 of Blackbird

Paper pieced stars using up my batiks.

Pumpkins tablerunner, lots more to add on this one

Now to lookat some photos from Alsace.  I really did enjoy the day, it was beautiful weather and such interesting costumes and traditions.

Seebach and Hunspach are always worth a visit if you are in the area.

Antique carriages

 This part of the parade shows the move to the new home - the armoire, bed, kitchen table are moved

 Table and the bridal chest on the way to the new home ...