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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt Show Season !

It's quilt show season here on the west coast of Florida.  This morning I went to the Tampa show of the Quilters workshop.  They had some nice quilts hanging, and everything was very well organized.  I took some photos, but unfortunately I had some trouble with my camera and most are out of focus, but I will show a few.

I also did a little shopping ..... half  the fun of going to a show !  I met the delightful owner of an online quilt shop Worn Threads and bought a kit and a surprise for Lou.  Here are a couple of pictures of her very pretty booth - just my favorite style !  Funnily enough, after the show I met some friends and of course, we found that we were all complimenting the same booth (where they had also done some shopping ...!)

Next week - next show !


Donna in SW PA said...

Looks like fun!

Lou said...

Very fun show ! You have a surprise for me ? waoouuuhhh !