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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boutis - vanne - another found in a book

I like books about Provence (of course !) because I enjoy looking at the houses, colors, decoration, and gardens.  For some years I have had a book called Provence Style by Noelle Duck.   Sometimes I put these books out as coffee table books, and browse through them myself.  Recently I noticed a boutis that looked very familiar !  It is the twin of one I purchased a couple of years ago - see my post of Oct 2012 for many more photos.

At the time Chantal G suggested that this was made in a studio for purchase.  Mine has no initials in the center, and she said it appears that this one was not bought.  Usually when they were ordered, the center was finished with the appropriate initials.  The boutis pictured in the book does have initials added.  I have attempted to photograph my boutis next to the book - hope you can see !
Mine with no initials ....

Hope you can see the initials here

 Corner shown with hand made tiles
I'm glad I saw this, it prompted me to get the boutis out again, and it truly is lovely ..... I never get tired of looking at them.
My weekend sewing will be making some boutis progress.


Donna in SW PA said...

That's wonderful!

Karen said...

How fascinating! She's lovely. Have fun with your boutis this weekend.

hiromi said...

What a surprising and wonderful story! I was excited as well!

Lou said...

C'est vraiment super d'avoir retrouvé ta magnifique vanne dans ce live ! Elle est si belle