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Thursday, June 27, 2019

More Pierrefeu .....

Wonderful details

I love this nborder

This one is on my list to make as well

Showing how well the transparency of the boutis shows against a window 

Yes this is on my list too - by the way, the pattern is from the book Traditional Boutis by Christiane Vignal - this book was re-edited and a couple more projects were added, including this one with the wonderful oval motifs.  You can get the book in the USA in English for those who are interested.  

Contemporary versions of boutis, so refined and elegant.

Beautiful stitchers and beautiful work !

I received a couple of comments about patterns from France Boutis.  I would be happy to reply if you let me know who you are - if you don't post a profile on blogger, you show up as "unknown".
France Boutis publishes patterns donated by members, and a few of those are now being printed on batiste.  I will ask the ladies who manage that if they would send to the USA.  France Boutis accepts PayPal, so I think this should be no problem at all.  The only issue there might be is that not all of them are posted to the website.   I will post an update when I have more definite information.
A bonus that the ladies of Lei Roucas dou Barri were all wearing their costumes (made by hand of course)

Dominique Fave and her beautiful contemporary silk boutis jewelry


On left side a favorite of mine

Yes another one on my list on the table - bear in mind my list is years old from my pattern collection, and I will need many more years to complete them

Hiromi's friend who was brave enough to put up with us - and she does not do boutis !  Also it was her first visit to France.

Hiromi and Shino (I am sorry about the spelling, Shino, I was not sure)

Our booth with Hiromi's beautiful patterns and my antique pieces

And Lou - the reason for all of this !   She taught Hiromi and then me, the rest of history !    

My little petassons

Lou never wastes time, always working on something ....

Hiromi too - I think that's why they get so much done 

 The stand of France Boutis - all these ladies do wonderful work, and volunteer many hours to support FB.   Annie Claude Pantel and her husband Roger are on the right - they keep FB going in a wonderful spirit

It was a wonderful couple of days, a very long journey for us, even though we only traveled from Germany (Pfalz) to Pierrefeu, still 9 hours drive.   My husband is a patient man, for many years now he has put up with my various Boutis extravagances and passions, but it is all worth it. 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Boutis Florida is back !

To my great surprise (and embarrassment) it has been about two and a half years since I posted on this blog.   So much has happened during that time !   I don't really know why I stopped posting,  but will endeavor to post regularly going forward.

In March I was in Germany, in the Pfalz (Palatinate).  I have posted before about our home here.   Since I last wrote, we have made some major changes, demolishing a barn and building a courtyard, starting a small fgarden, and converting the old garage into a small, modern and cozy bedroom, with en suite shower.

The reason for the trip during March is to participate in the Boutis expo at Pierrefeu du Var in the south of France.   I have never been before, but I have wanted to go for some years.   Hiromi Nakayama (blog Ariel Voice) offered her range of exquisite boutis patterns, and I  brought a small collection of antique boutis to decorate our booth.  Many photos were posted on Facebook from some of the groups present, and I posted some of my own.   Lei Roucas dou Barri posted their photos (click on link).

It was a wonderful experience, the hospitality of Lei Roucas dou Barri outstanding.   Pierrefeu is an attractive village, not far from the coast of the Cote d'Azur and the islands of Porquerolles, etc.
Traditional boutis is very strong, with the preferred method the traditional white on white.

France Boutis was present, as always, and are now offering patterns printed on batiste, as well as their range of patterns to trace.   It might be that one or two found their way home with me .....

My antique pieces at our stand before Hiromi's treasures arrived ....

Beautiful work by Isabelle Thurin, who sadly passed away recently.   A very gifted embroiderer and boutisseuse, she taught me too.  This wedding boutis was made for her daughter with a pale green back, long before anyone else thought of using color.   She showed me the photo when I took a lesson from her, it was simply breathtaking.

Georgette's amazing wedding gown