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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Retreat at Dayspring

 For the last 10 years, our Guild has spent a weekend at Dayspring in Ellenton as a quilt retreat.
The property belongs to the Episcopal diocese and has a small chapel with Florida roof.

 We have a large well-lit room to sew in, and meals are provded.

The retreat committee this year put on a lovely tea party for us on Saturday night with delicious cakes and fruit.
In the middle of the property there is a lake facing the dining room where you can see the fish jump.

I did quite a lot of piecing on a new quilt, and took my Featherweight to do it on.  I wanted to get more familiar with this old machine and knew there were others present who could help me if I ran into problems - and of course I did !  Nevertheless, the Featherweight is a real pleasure to sew on, makes a lovely straight stitch and is small enough that you can still talk to the people sitting opposite !  Every year I think I will get so much done, and take far too many projects.  It's fun being able to choose what you want to work on !  And also this year I did quite a lot of shopping - one of the shops nearby had a sale, and I was able to buy some more of the Winterthur museum's John Hewson prints.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinterest ???

  Since I had been hearing so much about it, I looked at Pinterest this morning - of course on my favorite subject, boutis.  I was astounded to see some of my own photos from this blog.  Some ladies had the courtesy to cite the source, and I thank them for their honesty.  Others simply copy blog photos and pin them without showing where they came from.  I recognized photos that I know belong to other people and were copied from their blogs.  Is it just me ?  Is no one else bothered by this thoughtless copying ?  I do have a note in the sidebar saying please do not copy content, but I suppose we have all become so used to open use of images that no one thinks twice about it and no one bothers to ask.
Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I have decided to no longer post photos of my antique pieces, or my own original or adapted designs.  What are your thoughts on the matter ?  Please write me comments, because I really want to understand other opinions.  So here goes:  should we assume that everything we show on blogs is no longer ours ?
UPDATE:  There are a couple of things that individuals can do to prevent this happening.  One is to watermark photos, although this can also be manipulated.  The other is to block photos from being pinned, and Pinterest has a html code to enter under the section of your blog template to do that.  Apparently, Pinterest requires that users obtain permission before pinning images, but clearly no one actually does it.  Even if Pinterest is blocked on a blog or website, people can still copy google images and de-identify those.  So the bottom line is this:  the only way to prevent copying of images is not to post them on the web.