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Monday, April 25, 2016

Boutis - 3rd National Salon in Nimes (Caissargues) 5,6,7 May 2016

Finally it's here !    Next week I will be helping at Hiromi's stand, together with Lou.brochure boutis 2016-1 There will be many booths with well-known boutis artists, clubs and associations displaying their work, lots of wonderful patterns of antique boutis, modern ones by the incomparable M Hubert Valeri, but most of all - fabulous boutis to admire !

If you are anywhere nearby, make sure you attend - you will not be disappointed.   It is amazing to think of the thousands of hours invested in the pieces displayed, not to mention the talent and patience required.

Hiromi has a number of new patterns designed especially for the salon, as well as all her other delicate and elegant designs.

I am taking a few antique pieces with me to decorate our booth.   Last time, 2 years ago, there were a couple of visitors who recognized our blogs - so please, please stop by if you do !   It's so nice to meet people we have had contact with virtually.