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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Accomplishments of Friends - Catherine's Innocent Love

Catherine is a member of our small boutis group here. She has made several very attractive original ornaments in boutis and recently submitted one of them to Piecework magazine. And .... drum roll please !!!! ..... Catherine's boutis ornament won an Honorable Mention and is featured in the newest edition of the magazine. Catherine tells me she was able to get a copy of the new mag today, so we can show her contribution. This is what she says about the design:

"The heart and daisy in the boutis stuffed heart ornament "Innocent Love" was designed in Electric Quilt 6. The daisy has 13 petals on purpose so the game "He loves me, he loves me not" ends with "He loves me". In the boutis tradition this ornament has symbolism. The color white means innocence, the daisy means innocent love, and the heart symbolizes love, not to mention the game "He loves me". The daisy is backstitched to give the motif a continuous outline. It is made entirely by hand".
I love the fact that Catherine incorporated symbolism, so important to boutis pieces, and piqure de marseille in her stitching. Congratulations and may you continue to make many more award-winning boutis !

The Accomplishments of Friends ......and a surprise

The lovely surprise this week was an envelope from Hiromi in Japan containing the newest Patchwork Tsushin. This is a very special edition for the boutis, and not only is there a beautiful and colorful report about the Maison du Boutis in Calvission and Francine Nicolle, but also lovely photos of Mme Gaussen and her work. These two ladies were pioneers in the renaissance of the boutis, and we have a lot to be thankful to them for.
Hiromi and I both learned the boutis from Lou (please visit her blog boutis et cie link on the right). She is a patient and diligent teacher, and you can see that Hiromi has gone on to make her teacher proud !
The center photo shows you the beautiful original boutis cushions that Hiromi made which are included in the magazine. Her work is exquisite, always elegant and delicate, and I am so proud to see her work published. I have asked her a few times if she will have her patterns published. The picture on the right of the cushions is not very clear (sorry poor photography skills here !) but shows a larger and very beautiful boutis. Please visit Hiromi's blog (see bar on the right) for more of her work.
The last photo is of the cover of the magazine, in case you can find a copy for yourself...... there are some interesting patterns for small boutis in it, as well as detailed step by step instructions.
And on the 6th July, I will be able to post about Catherine's accomplishment ..... Catherine is a member of our boutis group and has had a lot of success recently with her boutis designs.
Happy 4th to all here in USA