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Sunday, May 22, 2016

3rd Boutis Salon in Caissargues - France Boutis

Finally back and ready to report on the Salon !    I am sure that you have already seen (and I noticed many pins on Pinterest) of photos from the Salon.    We had a wonderful three full days of boutis, it is such a joy to be around like-minded people, and everyone working to promote the art of boutis, and increase awareness of this wonderful regional heritage.

Many thanks to Annie-Claude and Roger Pantel, who spend countless hours preparing along with many helpers, to put boutis on the world map.   It should be noted that this is all volunteer work.   While there are shops and commercial participants, most of those showing their work do it for the love of boutis.   We share because we want others to enjoy and appreciate it.

That being said, let me share some photos !   There are many reports on Facebook and various blogs, and I have shared what I can on my Facebook page, you can find me there as Heather Harteneck.

Hiromi debuted several new patterns this time, and as always with Hiromi's work, they are delicate, elegant, and perfectly stitched.   I took a  few antique pieces to help decorate our booth, and Lou brought some of her beautiful boutis as well.  We are both working on large pieces (Lous is XXL ha ha !) so hopefully by next time we will show those finished.

 Before the opening ....

 Marie's magnificent boutis

 Marie's tree of life, done in colored thread and exquiste stitching
 France Boutis - the theme this time was the jupon, and there were many magnificent antique and modern pieces on display.   I was very impressed with a gorgeous, perfectly stitched example in white done with grey thread, it is glorious and tells the story of that lady's life.   We stitch all the things that are important to us into our boutis.
 Annie patiently explaining a technique
 The cheerful ladies from Lei Roucas in Pierrefeu

 The well-known and elegant work of Kumiko Nakayama

 Mme Born
 Georgette with her lovely pieces, she has made so much
 Example of jupon
 The wonderful jupon of Chantal ..... beautiful cognac silk and her exquisite designs

 details of Chantal's jupon
My antique piece shown against the light.   It was in the back of our booth and of course did not show to its best as the designs show more clearly with transparency.  

The Provence newspaper Midi Libre was kind enough to come and interview the three of us - and the next day a nice photo and accurate interview was printed.   I was thrilled that our ideas were shared and that I managed to express them in decent enough French that the reporter understood !!!   That pic is on facebook.

A huge highlight for me was the opportunity to meet Mme Andree Gaussen, without whom none of us would have discovered boutis.   She was the first person to revive this art, and for many of us, her book was the first one we ever owned on the subject.   Mme Gaussen, a young lady of 94 with a bright spirit and interest in how boutis has developed since she re-introduced it to us, not only visited the salon one day, but came back again because she did not see everything the first time !   Photos of her visit are on various blogs and facebook.

Many reports on the salon are on blogs and facebook, here are a few - there are many better photos than mine !


Boutis divins
Marie S
France Boutis

So now it is over until 2018.   Pick up your needs and get stitching so we will have new marvels to admire then !