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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Boutis Pouch

Winston loves anything to do with sewing and often helps out when working on projects

You can see he is a big encouragement !

Our Guild retreat sets a theme as a challenge each year - at the last retreat the theme of Dresden Plate was chosen, and three of us have made a small boutis pouch with a Dresden plate pattern.  I used a batiste on the top, and apple green cotton underneath and for the front - so pale green shows through the batiste.  Roni and Janet have almost finished theirs, so will show pictures of theirs soon.

The pattern was originally offered in the Fil Blanc of France Boutis, design adapted from Hiromi, a pattern with birds in a nest drawn by Isabelle, and the directions (French version) written by Lou and translated by me - so a real group effort !

New Boutis Link

Henriette  sent me a link to a group blog of boutisseuses who meet on Fridays.  The intention is to show their progress on various projects and there is a list of participants on the blog, so you can look at each member's work.  An excellent opportunity to see what people are working on and track their progress !   Visit them at Boutis

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boutis Expo at Pierrefeu du var

As every year for the past 8 years at this time, the association Lei Roucas dou Barri held a boutis show this past weekend.  There were 24 individual exhibitors of boutis pieces, as well as two shops for supplies and a bookstore.  The show is organized by the wonderful and lively Henriette, and always includes either an exchange or a challenge on alternate years.  This year was a challenge to design a bag with the theme of the "sea" which should be all white and completely stuffed. The items were displayed in a "pointu" small boat - such a good idea.
Several ladies were able to take photos and have posted them on their blogs.  Here is a brief list -go and look at them, and enjoy the beautiful, traditional boutis - which I am pleased to say is alive and well in Provence.



Boutis divins

Marie Silvestre

Lei roucas dou barri   for this one, look for the photo albums to the left of the page

Sunday, March 3, 2013

And some more .....

The lady pictured here with her wonderful Dear Jane had just been informed that her quilt has been chosen to be shown in Bennington, Vt.    I believe it is Rebecca Hoffmann.

More Feather Princess photos ....

 I loved this little mouse on the cat quilt !

Blogger stopped me loading pictures on the last post, so here are some more ....

Fabulous Feather Princesses !

Yesterday I went to the Feather Princesses Applique quilt show in Tampa.  This is a show I always look forward to because of the wonderful organization, fabulous applique quilts, and just overall very high quality show.  I really enjoyed it and took a lot of pictures.  The group currently has about 170 members, and I was a member myself for several years,starting on the group's 1st anniversary.  However, they meet during the day and I could not attend meetings.  Dorothy and Laura have been co-presidents since the start, and have consistently had an ambitious and quality program.

No, this is not bad lighting - the quilt is made in neutrals !

Judge for yourselves !