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Monday, October 21, 2013

2nd National Boutis Salon - France Boutis

Next year France Boutis will be hosting their 2nd National Salon.  I went to the inaugural one in 2012 and it was fabulous, a must for boutis lovers, so go if you can.  The list of exhibitors has not yet been released, so I will post that when it comes out.   Mr Cabanel is well-known for his collection of courtespointes and boutis, which he has amassed over many years.  Parts of his collection have been featured in a number of books and referenced in many others.  I will be there for all three days (more about that later) so come by and say hello if you visit.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Early Fall on the Wine Route ....

We spent a week at our house and as usual, I was captivated by the colors and flowers of fall.  This is the palace in Bad Bergzabern.

Of course a new fall wreath had to find it's place on my front door !

We followed one of the walking plans, which started in the Kurpark Bad Bergzabern and led through the woods and vineyards to Doerrenbach.  We need to do this more often, the ups and downs of the paths were tough on us, in Florida we have no hills at all !   Along the way, we saw this covering the entry to a spring.  Our house was built in 1898 also by a J. Mayer, we wondered if this might be his father, since they were stonemasons.

Ripe grapes this time of year, the harvest had begun in some areas.  The vines were marked with the type of grapes.

Vines almost as far as the eye can see.

 The last few sunflowers ...
And the first apples.

Doerrenbach is so pretty and well worth the walk. 

The houses are decorated more on the beams, which is less usual for the wine route.  We noted that many of the houses were destroyed in 1945, and rebuilt in 1949 or early 50s.  Some  houses have the date of the original building - mostly in the 1600s - the date of destruction, and the date of rebuilding recorded on the cross beams at the front of the houses.

The fortified church, it is really beautiful.

And even has a sundial, usually I see them like this in France, but of course Doerrenbach is very close to the border.

Day out in Alsace

I was fascinated by these hinges on a church door - wouldn't they make a great applique block ?  They also look like a rose tree or lyre design.

And no visit would be complete without a view of our village church.

On the last day, I changed the wreath to one for winter.
This post was of course just a quick visit report.  I will be getting back to sewing notes soon, but have not done anything much recently.  Mostly I am making progress on the stuffing of the petasson.  If I can get more done this week, I will show it again in its current state of finish.