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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Petassoun ancien

I have just received a boutis which I recently acquired.  It is a beautiful piece but does have some damage.  I think I may well be able to repair it, or at least stabilize it so it won't become worse.  It is  a larger petasson at 23" x 23", beautifully squared and flat.  The stitching is even and fine, and the design sophisticated.  This one is destined to be reproduced, I will draw off the pattern and make it in Swiss batiste.

There is a split along one line of stitching with the stuffing still intact.

Very pretty central medaillon with unusual filling shapes.

Delicate vine and flower inner border.

Straight and flat border and edging, the edging is stuffed tight and the fabric has worn away in places.
I also have another piece, much grander and very fine quality, but I am saving that for another day !
Bonjour les filles !  Ici un petasson, achete recemment et malheureusement abime.  Je pense que je pourrais reparer cet endroit dechire.   Il s'agit d'un boutis tres fin, bien travaille et dessin leger.  Je l'aime beaucoup et vais redessiner tout et le refaire. Surtout je trouve que les motifs du fond sont interessants, non ?