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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Progress on New and Old Projects - at least a century apart in style !

 Last Saturday, I went to a mini-retreat of a small sewing group called Bee Modern.  The idea is to try something that is in the style of modern quilting.  I have stayed away from this style mostly, since I prefer applique and a more traditional look for quilts.  However, I can't deny the sheer happiness of bright and crisp patterns !  I love white in quilts, and this kit with simple piecing and clean, clear colors appealed to me.  The top picture shows the rows laid out on top of one another.
I got most of the blocks done last week, and this afternoon sat down to piece the rows together.  Here in Florida on the Gulf Coast, it is our most uncomfortable time of year - hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms.  I got about 20 minutes splashing around in the pool before the black clouds moved in again - so a good time to sew for a while !

Here are the first two rows put together.

The quilt has a narrow blue border, then the cornerstones you see in the photo, and the vine print is for the main border.  Binding fabric is the green dot.  I was lucky enough to get one of these prints for the backing - the quilt itself is bed-size, 78 x 102 finished.  I will tackle putting on the borders next weekend.

On to my small petasson in the making.  The pattern is from Christiane Vignal's book, Boutis Traditionnel (one of my absolute favorite books).  I started this as stitching practice for my large boutis, I am still not happy with my stitching and so I sew a little on this one before continuing with the lovely large one.

No real progress made with better stitching, but although they are not very even, these stitches are very small.  I have no issues making very small stitches, but somehow even, regular work is  challenge for me.

Hard to see the overall pattern now that it is stitched, but it is a very simple traditional one.  Since I only have one small corner area of the tunnels left to stitch, I will finish this one now and stuff it, and continue stitching on the large one when it is not quite so hot to have on my lap !

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Applique Baskets

I have been making these small applique baskets for a while.  I have some charm packs of French fabrics, so I drew a small basket that fits exactly on the 5inch squares (as I didn't want to waste any !) and the background squares are 6".  There are 30 finished now, and this afternoon I prepped another 70.  I have now used all the background fabric I had and am not sure yet how big I would like the quilt to be.  All the baskets are different, and all shades from pastels to very dark.  I have an idea for an applique center, and I also have some plans for the setting.  They have been so much fun to do - it is hot here now and they are small and not heavy in my lap .

I have made a little progress on my big and small boutis, but as I said, it is hot here and very humid, so having a larger piece on my lap is not too much fun at present.
Hope everyone had some time to sew this weekend.