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Friday, July 4, 2008

Challenge - Lei roucas dou barri

This association has issued a challenge, and have very graciously allowed me to participate. The idea is to create a boutis with very personal and individual designs, and have it finished by March of next year to be exhibited at their show.
The rules are: Use fine white cotton or batiste, size of 20cm to 50cm, cotton thread No. 40 (you can get this online here DMC cordonnet No. 40), use a monogram, and white cotton yarn to stuff.
The shape can be any, and you can use an accessory for example bag handles for a purse. The individual is responsible for shipping to and from France.
Anyone interested ? Contact mame83@free.fr or look at the France Boutis blog, the challenge is on there also.
I have to start drawing out my ideas ......
Happy 4th July everyone