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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favorite Books and a New Project

Here are some of my favorite books on boutis, mostly in French and all gorgeous. I love books, and never get tired of looking through all the patterns, thinking about how to combine the different elements to come up with something new.

I also recently gave in to temptation (ok, didn't resist too long !) and bought a boutis pattern online, it was during a promotion where the batiste was offered free along with the pattern (if you want to be tempted too, go to http://www.boutis.fr/ the promotion is over but there are still very pretty things - no affiliation, etc). It arrived today, and is very beautiful, and I am already thinking about how that one will be stitched .... my big courtepointe is stitched now and ready for stuffing, it has taken a long time. With the big pieces, you really have to be disciplined and do some every day, but of course that's not me, so it has taken longer but has been a real pleasure to stitch. I will post some pictures when the stuffing has progressed.