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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt Show Season !

It's quilt show season here on the west coast of Florida.  This morning I went to the Tampa show of the Quilters workshop.  They had some nice quilts hanging, and everything was very well organized.  I took some photos, but unfortunately I had some trouble with my camera and most are out of focus, but I will show a few.

I also did a little shopping ..... half  the fun of going to a show !  I met the delightful owner of an online quilt shop Worn Threads and bought a kit and a surprise for Lou.  Here are a couple of pictures of her very pretty booth - just my favorite style !  Funnily enough, after the show I met some friends and of course, we found that we were all complimenting the same booth (where they had also done some shopping ...!)

Next week - next show !

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basket Class

Yesterday I took a basket class at Country Quilts and Bears in Clearwater.  Susan has been teaching these for a long time.  My friend Janet and I have so often said we wanted to learn, and so Janet came up with a great Christmas present idea for me - this class !  Here is the intrepid Susan teaching us ....

I did not quite finish my basket in the class, so did the last couple of rows this morning.  The fabric I used was a old blue and yellow print.  The appearance of the fabric changes a lot with this method, so as long as you like the colors, it doesn't really matter what fabric you use (you can get rid of old stuff you no longer like).  It was interesting to see the different effects people got with different fabrics.

Here's a view of it turned over ....
Janet spoiled me with the gift of this lovely little strawberry wool pincushion.  She is so good at making (and actually finishing !) small projects.  I love it !

And I also picked up my PQ challenge quilt from the quilter..... just need to put on the binding now.

 Hope I can get that done today
This whole quilt was made using scraps and things that I already had - I only had to buy fabric for the backing.  I am making it a goal this year to sew as many quilts as possible out of things I already have -I have collected fabrics I really like, and it is time they were used !

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boutis exposition Lei roucas dou barri .....

In March each year, the wonderful ladies of Lei roucas dou barri have a show at Pierrefeu du var.  On alternating years, there is either a swap project (last time it was small pouches or purses), or a challenge with certain rules.  The project challenge for 2013 is to create an original design on the subject of the sea, a bag,  all in white, completely stuffed.  Henriette has shown hers today on her blog.  She has made a charming bag to store slippery scarves which otherwise fall on the floor !
You can also see what Marie made on her blog.  I am sure there will be many more elegant examples.

Here is the poster for this year's exhibition.  There will be 20 exhibitors of boutis, 2 stores, and one bookshop.  If you are in the area, go !  You will be assured of a wonderful exhibition and magical welcome from warm and talented boutisseuses.
affiche 2013
Henriette  says that she works on a smaller project while also keeping a big project going.  I was thinking about that this morning, so I decided to set up a small and simple boutis to get me up to speed with my large project.  Since it is Superbowl Sunday here, I will get some stitching time later LOL !
Pattern is Magali from the book Boutis Traditionnel by Christiane Vignal
 Swiss batiste front and back, cotton handquilting thread.
Henriette also has kept a memory book where she records all her projects, when she started them, how long each step of the process took her, as well as photos of the finished item.  I have not done this but find it a wonderful idea and I am starting today !  I will also go back and take pictures of my other pieces, both collected and made myself.  No one else knows their story, so I am thinking about keeping this for my daughter.    The small petasson took me 2 hours to trace and baste.  I will keep a notebook in my sewing basket now to keep track of how long I work on each thing.  It will be especially important to look at for my large vanne !