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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boutis exposition Lei roucas dou barri .....

In March each year, the wonderful ladies of Lei roucas dou barri have a show at Pierrefeu du var.  On alternating years, there is either a swap project (last time it was small pouches or purses), or a challenge with certain rules.  The project challenge for 2013 is to create an original design on the subject of the sea, a bag,  all in white, completely stuffed.  Henriette has shown hers today on her blog.  She has made a charming bag to store slippery scarves which otherwise fall on the floor !
You can also see what Marie made on her blog.  I am sure there will be many more elegant examples.

Here is the poster for this year's exhibition.  There will be 20 exhibitors of boutis, 2 stores, and one bookshop.  If you are in the area, go !  You will be assured of a wonderful exhibition and magical welcome from warm and talented boutisseuses.
affiche 2013
Henriette  says that she works on a smaller project while also keeping a big project going.  I was thinking about that this morning, so I decided to set up a small and simple boutis to get me up to speed with my large project.  Since it is Superbowl Sunday here, I will get some stitching time later LOL !
Pattern is Magali from the book Boutis Traditionnel by Christiane Vignal
 Swiss batiste front and back, cotton handquilting thread.
Henriette also has kept a memory book where she records all her projects, when she started them, how long each step of the process took her, as well as photos of the finished item.  I have not done this but find it a wonderful idea and I am starting today !  I will also go back and take pictures of my other pieces, both collected and made myself.  No one else knows their story, so I am thinking about keeping this for my daughter.    The small petasson took me 2 hours to trace and baste.  I will keep a notebook in my sewing basket now to keep track of how long I work on each thing.  It will be especially important to look at for my large vanne !

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Donna in SW PA said...

That sounds like a good idea , keeping track of projects. Are you goimg to the show again? I will get to taking some pictures. I've had my grandson here for two weeks. not much got done!