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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boutis - vanne

I have also recently bought an antique boutis, which my (very patient) husband accepted I wanted for my birthday this year (well, an early birthday present !)  It is 31 x 41 inches, extremely fine and unusual design.  This one is really museum quality, and I am thrilled to have it.  Date approx. 1880s, very fine cotton on top, cotton on the back with a slightly looser weave, edge treatment knife-edge, last row not stuffed.  Perfect condition.  I will need to soak it, it has some storage marks on the back where the piece was folded and put on a shelf.

Petite vanne 1880s, coton fin dessus, coton plus lache dessous.  Dessin tres fin, les points sont super fins, bourrage parfait.  Finition "toi et moi", le dernier tunnel n'est pas bourre.  Je suis tres contente avec ce boutis, il est le plus beau dans ma mini collection.

Bon dimanche a toutes !