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Thanks for visiting ! Please leave me comments, I love to read what you might think about the boutis (which is also known as "Broderie de Marseille"), please share with me what you have seen, what you love, how-tos, good museums to visit, pattern origins, and so on ..... you get the idea !

Monday, May 31, 2010

Provencal Scraps

I had a small bag of scraps of provencal fabrics bought at a quilt show, none of the pieces were very big and I wanted to make the best use of them. I pieced a top hardly cutting the fabrics at all, just rearranged them to make the most of them. I used the top a few times to transport my boutis, and yesterday I decided to finish it. Simple quilting, because this quilt is only going to be used to roll up and protect the boutis !!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boutis Finishing CLass

Yesterday we had a finishing class in West Pasco, with 10 delightful ladies participating. While I did take my camera, I forgot to take any photos.
As I was setting up the handouts for the class, I realized how very many options we have for finishing a boutis, much more than I had originally thought. I enjoyed the class a lot and hope the ladies who participated will continue on with the boutis and love it as I do. We had one lady who had made another version of the beginner class project stuffed with colored yarn, which gives a soft shadow effect on the finished piece. It was very pretty and she had done such a good job !

Pour nos amies en France, je vous souhaite une bonne fete des meres - j'espere que toutes les familles sont ensemble et vous passez une bonne journee.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day Bonne Fete des Meres Beste Wuensche zum Muttertag

Happy Mothers' Day to everyone ! Not much blooming outside just now, but these flowers are for all of you. We have all experienced a lot of joy with our children, and some heartache too. I hope yours have all remembered you today, and I wish you a wonderful day with your families.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Procrastinating Quilters Retreat

Every year our quilt guild spends a weekend down at Dayspring in Ellenton for two days of fun, stitching, eating ......you get the idea. This weekend we were wondering just how long we have been doing this, and I think it is at least 8 years. I set up the first one when I was guild president, and I am pleased to say that the tradition has continued

We are spoiled, we stay in little cabins, and have three meals a day cooked for us. No cleanup necessary ! We have a large meeting room to set up our sewing, and we can sew to our hearts' content.
Here are a few pictures of the projects that were finished, and some of the ladies busy at work, so you can get an idea. I am already looking forward to next year !
Oh, the red quilt center is what I was working on - this is just the center, I have made many more blocks but did not have time to put them together yet.