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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sewing Pouches

I love making these little sewing pouches, I have made quite a few over the last few years.  You can make them a little bigger to use as toilet bags as well, great because they wash beautifully.  I have two more to finish in these fabrics - I love them for boutis because they are just the right size to fit the long ball of yarn used for stuffing (not to mention my long needle !)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Petasson Finished !

For a while I have been working on a new petasson.  On my last trip to France, I was able to purchase a very old, very damaged petasson.  When I got back I used the old one to reproduce the design, adding some changes here and there.  The center had to be re-interpreted because of the damage, it was very hard to see exactly how the original motif was drawn.  I have just finished it, here are a few pictures.  I am really pleased that I was able to save the pattern, since the original was simply beyond any kind of repair.  It has worn through in so many places. 
I am also in the process of binding a couple of quilts I finished recently, and will post those when they're done.  I am so pleased to be finishing a few things !!  I already have a list of the next projects, of course !

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Watermelon Quilt

Recently I took a fast and fun class at Country Quilts in Clearwater to make this picnic quilt.  It was so much fun to get a quilt top done in one day (and I was determined to get it done before I went home !)
Quilted by Marlene at Lucky Sew and Sew.  I really think this is the fastest I have ever made a quilt - started and finished in 2 weeks !  I made it for my daughter Theresa, who loves watermelons.
And as always  a couple of pictures of Amelie, who has to inspect everything which is so tiring :-)