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Monday, October 19, 2009

Antique Courtepointe

Nicole www.boutis-et-cie.blogspot.com and I went shopping in St Remy - and the first thing we saw, literally the first thing when we got out of the car (my husband was very patient with our shopping and always let us out before having to look for parking), was this wholecloth quilt. It is old, the fabrics are sturdy but not very inspiring, but the pattern of the stitching is very nice. It is made in the traditional French way with edges folded in not bound, and I really like the unusual pattern. I have washed it several times (it was very dirty) and there is one small spot, but otherwise it is in good condition. I am going to trace a quarter of the pattern, it is so nice it is worth making again !


Lou said...

Very beautiful red, indeed ! I'm very happy to see this beautiful courtepointe. But the picture doesn't show the quilting very well.
It was a good shopping, isnt'it

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Das nachzuarbeiten wird eine echte Fleissarbeit !
Liebe Grüße

hiromi said...

What a lovely meeting and brilliant red! I hope to meet such an antique one someday.
I was late to give my congratulations to you. The first prize was really great!

Zsuzsa said...

Ámulattal nézem munkáidat. Sajnos nem ismerek semmilyen idegen nyelvet. Így aztán nem tudom megkérdezni hogy hogyan juthatnék boutis mintaívekhez. Nálunk nem tudom beszerezni. Fáj a lelkem, hogy én nem készithetek ilyen csodálatos dolgokat!