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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mystery Quilt Day

The quilt guild I belong to has a mystery quilt day each year, one Saturday in the spring. I have not always been able to go, but have always enjoyed the ones I attended. This last Saturday was the mystery day this year, and here are some of the photos of the finished tops (some of them are even quilted too !) The mystery is planned by a group of ladies in the guild, and this year's theme was "waste not, want not" - the idea was to use up fabric you already had in your stash. I used lots of different blues, and will show you mine when it is finished (I hope you are prepared to wait LOL !)
Anyway, I am sure you will agree that they came up with a great idea, and it was a fun time.

1 comment:

Lou said...

I'm sad ! I want to see YOUR Blue quilt !
I'm sure it was a fantastic day.
Good WE !