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Sunday, August 1, 2010

English Gardens

Last week I had the pleasure to spend a few days in London with my family. Contrary to popular belief LOL England is not always rainy, and we had a dry and sunny week. I love English gardens, and it is always a great pleasure to me to see hanging baskets, mixed borders, window boxes etc. as well as the baskets hanging from lampposts in just about every village, as well as London suburbs.
We also spent a day in Deal, a small seaside town about an hour's drive from my parents' house, and I couldn't resist photographing the wonderful baskets hanging outside a pub and guesthouse. We even walked (well, staggered) on the pebbly beach, and put a toe in the water - not warm enough for us spoiled Floridians ! Mum likes whelks, so we took some home for her, and I felt that I had spent a summer day back in my childhood - windy, pebbly beaches, ice cream and a walk on the pier.


hiromi said...

I also love hanging baskets in England. When I saw them first time in London, they fascinated me. After then, even though I visited the UK over ten times, I always love to see them in summer!
Hiromi xx

Heather said...

Hi Hiromi,
Yes, I do love the baskets ! My Dad always has really beautiful ones outside my parents' house. My children tease me because I ALWAYS notice the flowers !!

Lou said...

It's very very beautiful ! All this flowers in the baskets. I love them !

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Heather, I adore (swoon) your pics of flower boxes, the world would be a kinder place if we had more of these, don't you think! Am now following you and looking forward to seeing more of your blog:)

Sue in New York

Stitch By Stitch said...

What extraordinary baskets! How beautiful!

Stitch By Stitch said...

What extraordinary baskets! How beautiful!

Erna said...

Hello Heather I just found your blog abd I love it.I've seen boutis being done in Paris a very delicate technique,beautiful
Erna xx
Ps love the England photos