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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gift from Angelika

Angelika knows that I love old needlework tools, and has sent me this wonderful marking wheel she found recently for my birthday. She is a person who makes beautiful pouches and cases for things, and so the wheel came with its own beautiful case. Thank you so much, it is a great birthday gift which I really appreciate. Visit Angelika at http://www.onlyangelika.blogspot.com/ especially if you like knitting, Angelika knits beautifully. As a matter of fact, I think she is good at everything she does :-)

1 comment:

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Liebe Heather,
ich freue mich, dass ich Dir eine Freude bereiten konnte :-)
Die Kreuzsticharbeit von Lou ist grandios und die Fotos aus England wunderschön !
Liebe Grüße
(danke für das Lob)