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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

International Quilt Study Center - Exhibition on Marseille corded quilting

There is a major exhibition starting this month at the International Quilt Study Center on Marseille whitework/corded quilting - well, what we call boutis. It is curated by Kathryn Berenson, and she has written a new book to accompany this exhibit. I received mine last week (ordered through Amazon) and for those as passionate about the history of boutis as I am, it is a treasure.

The study center allows one to sign up to receive a link to a quilt of the month, and you've guessed it, this month it is a petasson with a link to three more.

So just for the pleasure of looking here is the link: www.quiltstudy.org/collections/quilt_of_the_month

What has impressed me is that the photos are of wonderful quality. It is very difficult to show the detail on these white items and you can really see the relief in detail.

You can also browse the collections of the Quilt Study center, which I think is absolutely marvellous - there is so much to see and you can do it from the comfort of your own computer !

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