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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grandmother Newton's "Laws O Massey" Quilt

I showed the blocks I was working on previously, and spent this afternoon putting everything together.  I had saved some indigos collected over time, and this was the perfect pattern for them.  I made my quilt bigger than the pattern by adding an extra row of blocks.    The pattern is from Home on the Plains (a Kansas City Star quilt book)

 Amelie helped a lot by throwing everything on the floor regularly !

And I used fabric ONLY from my stash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 


Donna in SW PA said...

Very nice!!!! We had a cat like that and called her oreo ( like the cookie). Hope all is well.

Jan said...

This turned out great! Isn't it fun making something entirely from your own stash?

Heather said...

Yes Jan - I am challenging myself because I am a little embarrassed at the sheer amount of fabric I have collected - I even made the back of this all from stash :-)

Lou said...

I love Amelie on your beautiful quilt !