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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lei roucas dou barri - Expo Boutis 2012

The wonderful provencal organization Lei roucas dou barri is planning their next boutis expo 10 and 11 March 2012.  In 2010 we participated in a exchange - a wall of love - exchange of boutis hearts.  It was a lovely and happy thing to do, and I have my exchanged heart hanging on a cupboard key in my living room.
You can look at the hearts we sent then here
This time, the exchange will be for a small pouch or purse. 

If you are interested, here are the rules:

We suggest you create a beautiful project.  Not for a competition, but as pleasure for the eyes starting from the same thread.  This project will be exchanged between boutis stitchers, drawn by lots.  We hope that each creative spirit will enjoying making something unique, and take pleasure in the exchange.

Three requests:  original, personal design (please no reproductions)
                       fabric of your choice
                       All kinds of pouches - round, square, tubular, etc.
Dimensions:     between 10/15 and 20/25 cm (approx 4-6 by 8-10 inches)
Each pouch/purse must have a label stitched to the back with your contact details in block letters
Registration by 1st December 2011

Contact:  leiroucasdoubarri@yahoo.com


Donna in SW PA said...

Where is this expo held?

hiromi said...

Thank you for the details of the exchange at Lei roucas dou barri in 2012.
It was a lovely experience that we participated in the exchange of boutis hearts in 2010. I hope many boutis stitchers in the world will participate in it.
Heather, what kind of pouch are you planning for this time?

Hiromi xx

Marie du Gard said...

J'ai participé cette année à l'exposition de Pierrefeu. J'espère y être l'année prochaine. Donc, je vais faire aussi la pochette.
Je suis ravie de vous voir venir dans mon blog. Dommage que l'on ne s'est pas rencontré lors de votre venue à Calvisson, j'y étais.
Gros bisous.