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Monday, April 16, 2012

Country Quilts and Bears - New Blog !

The ladies at Country Quilts and Bears in Clearwater, FL have launched a blog ! Go visit them at
Country Quilts and leave a nice comment, they will be thrilled !
I am very partial to this shop. It is the first quilt shop I ever visited, and I learned to quilt here from Becky. Actually, Becky has "infected" many, many people with the quilt virus, and you couldn't expect to find a kinder and more patient teacher. Over the years, I have participated in the Christmas Mysteries - from the very first one - and you would have seen my posts about those - if not, check out the December posts from previous years. Most of those quilts are even finished (gasp !), and some of them are my favorite quilts ever. Not just that, our quilt Guild, the PQs - Procrastinating Quilters, meets at the shop each month on the third Thursday evening.  So you can see, this shop has shaped my quilting life a lot.  Currently, I am working on the House quilt with Roni (also a fabulous teacher and one of the Christmas mystery initiators !), and our little group has really enjoyed the class. There are other fabulous teachers - Pam who does amazing piecing and whose quilts are very original, Diane who teaches handquilting, Francy and her cute bears, and Susan, who actually got me to finish a top in the class - those who know me will realize what a feat that was !
Go visit, and tell them I sent you !


Country Quilts said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our new blog. We love company! And we really enjoyed your kind words. As soon as I can get to it, I intend to post a blog roll and your wonderful blog will be on there for sure! I have enjoyed my visit. Thanks, Heather!

Lou said...

Je me suis inscrite ! Dis leur de faire une news letter !

Roni Hunt said...

Heather, you are too sweet. BTW-folks, Heather is one of the finest people you'll ever meet!

We do have fun in our class and have plans for the future!!!

hugs and stitches, roni