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Sunday, April 22, 2012

PQ Mystery 2012

Yesterday was the annual mystery quilt day for our Guild, the PQs.  The team planning this did a great job and picked a very good pattern.  When you are choosing your fabrics for a mystery, it's harder than usual because you really don't know what the quilt will look like, and in this case there was no cutting ahead of time, so we didn't even know how small the fabric pieces were going to be !

I chose some FQs in blues and browns from my reproduction fabrics, and I am very pleased how this is coming out.  Anyway, here are a few pics of the day.  I have to say the red and white was absolutely stunning, and my favorite, because I love two color quilts.  Thanks go to Cathy, Lynda, Lynn and Pauline, who organized the day and finished all their fabulous quilts to show us !
Sorry about picture quality, think it's time for a new camera :-)


Donna in SW PA said...

Looks like fun with a great ending!

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Den Quilt hast Du an einem Tag genäht ? Und ich dachte, dass mein Lasagnequilt schnell fertig war ;-)

Mir gefallen der rot-weiße und Dein rosa-brauner am besten.

Liebe Grüße

Heather said...

Angelika - nein, ich wuensche mir, es waere so !!!! Die fertigen Quilts sind die von den 4 Frauen, die den Mystery organisiert haben. Es ist so, dass nach dem Mittagessen die Quilts gezeigt werden, damit alle sehen, wie unsere irgendwann aussehen sollen.
Ich habe nur 4 Blocks fertigbekommen, weil wir alles erst am morgen geschnitten haben - und fuer diesen Quilt ist VIEL zu schneiden !!!

Lou said...

Beautiful quilts, it was a good day !