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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Links to more photos of Boutis Salon

My photos are very poor compared to many of the others taken during the expo.  Here are some links of Boutis friends and designers who took wonderful pictures that will give you a much better idea of what everything was like.  I had very limited time to walk around since I was in a class all day, and only there briefly Friday evening, so take a look at these gorgeous photo galleries:

Pierrefeu du var Henriette's blog

Marie Silvestre - who I was able to meet after admiring her blog and beautiful work - she has photos from each day separately on her blog

France Boutis of course - there are many pictures to see here

Dominique  Fave - her site is gorgeous, look at all her work here

Enjoy !


Donna in SW PA said...

WOW!! Tha/nks for sharing!

Marie du Gard said...

Je suis ravie d'avoir fait ta connaissance. Dommage, comme tu le dis nous étions pris par le temps et nous n'avons pas pu nous voir longtemps. Ce sera pour une autre fois. Tu as bien profité des stages et vu de beaux ouvrages, c'est le principal. Je t'embrasse.