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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boutis Expo at Pierrefeu du var

As every year for the past 8 years at this time, the association Lei Roucas dou Barri held a boutis show this past weekend.  There were 24 individual exhibitors of boutis pieces, as well as two shops for supplies and a bookstore.  The show is organized by the wonderful and lively Henriette, and always includes either an exchange or a challenge on alternate years.  This year was a challenge to design a bag with the theme of the "sea" which should be all white and completely stuffed. The items were displayed in a "pointu" small boat - such a good idea.
Several ladies were able to take photos and have posted them on their blogs.  Here is a brief list -go and look at them, and enjoy the beautiful, traditional boutis - which I am pleased to say is alive and well in Provence.



Boutis divins

Marie Silvestre

Lei roucas dou barri   for this one, look for the photo albums to the left of the page


Donna in SW PA said...

How wonderful! It would be so exciting to attend.

Every Stitch said...

Thanks for those wonderful links - the work is breathtaking. You have inspired me to give it a try - maybe a little kit to start with:)