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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinterest ???

  Since I had been hearing so much about it, I looked at Pinterest this morning - of course on my favorite subject, boutis.  I was astounded to see some of my own photos from this blog.  Some ladies had the courtesy to cite the source, and I thank them for their honesty.  Others simply copy blog photos and pin them without showing where they came from.  I recognized photos that I know belong to other people and were copied from their blogs.  Is it just me ?  Is no one else bothered by this thoughtless copying ?  I do have a note in the sidebar saying please do not copy content, but I suppose we have all become so used to open use of images that no one thinks twice about it and no one bothers to ask.
Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I have decided to no longer post photos of my antique pieces, or my own original or adapted designs.  What are your thoughts on the matter ?  Please write me comments, because I really want to understand other opinions.  So here goes:  should we assume that everything we show on blogs is no longer ours ?
UPDATE:  There are a couple of things that individuals can do to prevent this happening.  One is to watermark photos, although this can also be manipulated.  The other is to block photos from being pinned, and Pinterest has a html code to enter under the section of your blog template to do that.  Apparently, Pinterest requires that users obtain permission before pinning images, but clearly no one actually does it.  Even if Pinterest is blocked on a blog or website, people can still copy google images and de-identify those.  So the bottom line is this:  the only way to prevent copying of images is not to post them on the web.


Cassie said...

In my experience, most always, clicking on a pinterest photo becomes a link thatleads back to the source. (So you could choose to look at pinterest as another way to promote your blog, and share the things you love with an even wider audience.) And even if you don't choose that as your viewpoint, please don't assume that pinners are "stealing" your photos, since the pins should lead back to you. It would be a shame for you to quit sharing, from my purely selfish (I'm sure) point of view.

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Ich habe meine Fotos gesperrt, so dass sie nicht gepinnt werden können. Leider weiß ich nicht mehr wie es geht :-(
Ich war ganz kurz bei Pinterest, aber soviel Zeit habe ich nicht, um sie da zu verbringen. Da nähe oder stricke ich lieber ;-))
Liebe Grüße

Heather said...

Vielen Dank Angelika ! Ich habe nun etwas nachgelesen und selbst mein Template geaendert damit Photos nicht gepinnt werden koennen. Im Prinzip habe ich etwas dagegen, dass massiv kopiert wird und keiner darf mehr was sagen. Uebrigens ist das Problem auch von Pinterest selbst angesprochen worden, daher auch die Moeglichkeit, Pinnen zu sperren.
danke !

stadtgarten said...

Liebe Heather,
ich bin in Bezug auf Pinterest auch vorsichtig geworden. Am Anfang fand ich die Idee toll, aber dann habe ich mich aufgrund eines Blogbeitrages von Mienchen (http://mienchen-mienchen.blogspot.de/2012/02/pinterest-und-das-urheberrecht.html) ein bißchen mit dem Thema auseinandergesetzt und ganz schnell wieder abgemeldet.
Mich würde auch mal interessieren, wie ich meine Bilder gegen das pinnen sperren kann, wo hast Du das denn gefunden?
Liebe Grüße, Monika

Heather said...

Hallo Monika,
Ich habe das hier gefunden:
Es scheint ein Problem fuer viele Menschen zu sein. Der Artikel beschreibt, wie man das Html editen kann. Mit Deinen vielen tollen Photos und Photocollagen kann ich mir vorstellen, dass es fuer Dich ein viel groesseres Aergernis ist.
Ich war heute zum ersten Mal auf Pinterest und war ganz ueberrascht. Nie wieder !

Every Stitch said...

I think it would be a terrible shame for all of us if you stopped showing your work - it has been so inspiring!
People should respect your request not to pin if they see it written on the blog. But, as Cassie says - one of the beauties of Pinterest is that every image has a link back to the original site. I find that very useful as I like to read the story behind inspiring pieces and it is a great way to find new websites or blogs to follow. I do hope you find some way of resolving this.

Emily said...

I love seeing your work, so I would hate to not see your pictures on your blog. I have noticed that bloggers have set up the caption for each of their photos when they are pinned. I'm not sure how but basically when I pin the picture the caption shows up giving credit to you the blogger. I have also seen a blogger block their pictures from being pinned. Hope this helps because I really love seeing your work.

Dawn said...

People do not understand that pictures can and are taken from blogs WITHOUT the back link. I have started water marking photos on my blog. It takes much more time and I share fewer pictures.

hiromi said...

I realized that my photos were "pinned" on some people's pin boards when I read your blog. Actually I didn't know clearly what Pinterest was. After I read your blog, I found my photos pinned and re-pinned by somebody.
Fortunately every photo I found had a link back to my site and I learned that Pinterest has the automatic link system for a quotation from other site.
I think it is very difficult to judge that Pinterest is lawful or unlawful. I suppose (and I hope) most of people who enjoy Pinterest show their favorite photos with links back to the original site. But if they drag and drop the photos onto their desktop and change the photo titles, and then they upload to Pinterest as their own photos, the photos don't have links.
If you want to refuse Pinterest , you should add a meta tag cord for "no pin" to the head of your blog.
If you think that refusing Pinterest is overdoing, you should mark copyright caption on your photos, and believe people's conscience.
I have marked caption on my photos since I found that mine was used without my permission for a workshop information of a certain association. (of course I requested them to show my copyright and URL ) I am considering if I add "no pin cord" to my blog now.
I hope you find the best way for this . I really love seeing your works on your blog.