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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boutis progress

I have made stuffing the small petasson my focus project for this week.  It has been almost finished for so long, it is time to complete it.  I have decided to finished the edge with a tape, which was typical for these small pieces.  When I get to that point I will post a few photos on how to do it.
 I have also done some stitching on my large vanne, which is so much fun to do.  Now that I'm past the center which had a lot of close stitching, it is going a little faster.  I love the wheat pattern I am working on now.
I am getting a small stuffed heart ready for the exchange in Pierrefeu in March.  Stitching is close to completion then I will be stuffing this one too.

It's Superbowl Sunday here - so I will be stitching while my husband is watching the game !


Karen said...

Beautiful! I'll be anxiously awaiting your instructions on how to do the tape for a finished edge.

Lou said...

Ton petasson est superbe. Tu critiques toujours tes points : ils sont parfaits ! J'aime beaucoup ton papillon et je suis contente que tu aies repris ta grande vanne !

Marie du Gard said...

coucou Heather, je vois que ton papillon est bien avancé pour l'échange de Pierrefeu. Ton pétasson est joliment méché et presque terminé. Ta vanne sera prête pour Caissargues ? Bonne journée. Gros bisous.

Donna in SW PA said...

Everything looks wonderful.