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Monday, May 26, 2014

2nd National Salon du Boutis, Caissargues 16-18 May 2014

Back from my trip, arriving last night, I have been thinking about how to report on all the amazing things I have seen the last two weeks.  Before we went to Nimes for the salon, we were in Germany for a few days, and afterwards Lou and her husband came back with us to spend some time on the southern wine route of Rheinland Palatinate.  We were lucky to be there at the perfect time of year when all the roses were in bloom everywhere, and Lou and I were in heaven - we saw roses climbing the height of a small house, and others absolutely covered in flowers.

The salon was fabulous, it is such a feast for the eyes to see so many boutis at once, imagine how many hours of precise work were represented !   A huge compliment goes to Annie-Claude Pantel, president of France Boutis, for her organization and continual efforts to ensure that everyone had what they needed, and the charming and kind Mr Pantel, who visited everyone every day, bringing new people to meet and much-needed coffee.
Hiromi and Nicole hard at work labeling patterns.  We were there to assist Hiromi on her first expo, and her debut of her boutis patterns.  They are all elegant, delicate and beautifully finished. 

Nicole is one of the 4 founding members of France Boutis.

A corner of the stand showing Hiromi's work.  Nicole and I used our own pieces to decorate the walls, so some are my antique petassons and the beautiful large pieces hanging are Nicole's work.

I love these small pochettes, and the pattern for the "portemonnaie" in pink was very popular.


Two ladies from the "court" of Arles in traditional costume with Hiromi at the opening ceremony on Friday.


The charming and friendly Dominique Fave at her stand Credo Boutis.

Georgette at the stand next to ours had some lovely pieces she stitched.

The stand of Lei Roucas dou Barri of Pierrefeu - beautiful traditional boutis.

The stand of France Boutis where you could become a member.  In the background on the stage are the antique pieces that were loaned by M Cabanel, the guest of honour, and others.

The boutis of Nanou

Mr Hubert Valeri with his assistant and Christine.  M Valeri is always charming, gives his students his very best efforts, and has perfect, contemporary designs (my husband's favorite).

 Mme Calendrier with Dominique.
  Mme Dominique LeRoux.  I have her books, some of which have now been reprinted.  She specializes in patterns of antique boutis.
The stand of FB again, Henriette in the center and Danielle on the far right.

The stand of Mme Francine Born.
The girls of Pierrefeu, a fun and happ group.
Anne, Nicole, Henriette
And these two charming ladies, I do not know their names, but they kept us entertained - fun and passionate about their boutis.

An exhibition of Nihon Vogue.

The stand of Marie Sylvestre -her work is very good, and she is a very friendly lady.  Her stand was right at the entrance, so she had a lot of explaining to do all day !
Coucou les filles !  Je vais essayer d'ecrire un peu en (mauvais) francais chaque fois.  Il m'a fait beaucoup de plaisir de rencontrer tous les amis du boutis et enfin de recontrer quelques amies bloggueuses "en vrai".  La deuxieme partie suit ...
Ich habe entschieden, endlich mal wieder diese Blogeintraege auch in Deutsch zu schreiben.  Ich hoffe, diese Bilder vom Salon haben etwas Freude bereitet.  Waehrend des Salons sind auch einige Damen am Stand vorbeigekommen, die diesen Blog folgen, und es hat Spass gemacht, sie in "echt" kennenzulernen.  Es gibt noch mehr zu erzaehlen .....


Lynn S said...

I'm hooked! I love handquilting -- these boutis pieces are stunning!! I'd like to really learn the technique. Are there any programs state-side? A good guide book to read? Is there a site that I might order the little coin purse pattern? It would be a great piece to begin with.

Heather said...

Hi Lynn,
Yes, it is addicting once you start. I teach here in the US, send me an email if you are interested.

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Hallo Heather,
vielen Dank für die vielen Fotos ! Wie schön dass Du an dieser tollen Veranstaltung teilnehmen konntest :-)

Liebe Grüße

Every Stitch said...

These displays are breathtaking! I am hoping to try Boutis but am in Australia. Do you know if it is possible to buy the pink purse pattern to be posted here? thanks for posting all these wonderful photos.

stadtgarten said...

Wow! Eine schöne Veranstaltung und wunderschöne Werke, die da gezeigt wurden.
Da warst Du zur gleichen Zeit in Südfrankreich wie wir - allerdings waren wir 120 km weiter nördlich in der Haute Provence.
Wie schön, dass Ihr dann noch den Frühling in der Pfalz genießen konntet, momentan blüht es überall so herrlich!
Liebe Grüße und eine gute Woche, Monika

Lou said...

Superbe ton reportage !
j'attends la suite.

Nini Petits Boutis said...

Merci de ce beau reportage.
J'ai été heureuse de passer quelques bons moments avec toi.