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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Modern Quilting

Those who know me might be surprised that I am interested in modern quilting.  I usually make antique reproductions, and adore the old, finely made applique quilts.  One of the things I like about them though, is the quirkiness you sometimes find on old quilts, almost to the point of looking abstract or modern.

Recently I joined a small group which concentrates on Modern quilting.  I have learned a lot along the way, and do really like the clean lines of modern work.  We have a quarterly challenge, and so far I have not been very productive.  However, I combined the current challenge of using two colors with my own challenge of using circle shapes, and adapted a pattern of Brigitte Heitland's (Zen Chic, she also designs for Moda, and I love her patterns).  So here is the top pinned, and as usual, I will hand applique this one since that is my preferred method:

I am still stitching a little boutis most days, since I am working on a large piece. I like doing it, and am not bothered that it takes me a long time.  Going to work seriously interrupts stitching time !
I am also continuing on the PQ quilt, and will post more on that soon.

I will leave you with some beautiful grapes ready for harvest - it is harvest time on the Suedliche Weinstrasse.  This photo is from last September. 

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Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Liebe Heather,
Dein Top gefällt mir sehr gut. Brigitte Heitland ist eine tolle Designerin und ihre Stoffkollektionen sind klasse :-)

Liebe Grüße