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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pierrefeu du Var - 10eme Rencontres du Boutis

If you are lucky enough to be in the south of France in March, try to get to this exhibition !  It is run by a local boutis club, and has grown significantly in the 10 years they have been exhibiting.  This year, the 10th anniversary edition, many well-known boutis designers are attending for the first time, as well as clubs and individuals who make boutis prolifically and do wonderful work.  My favorite designer will be there - Chantal Geoffroy is, in my opinion, the most wonderful boutis stitcher and designer I have ever seen, who embodies the spirit of boutis for me.  She is also an extremely modest person, who does not publish her work.

Here's the flyer:


Karen said...

Oh how I wish I could attend! If you are lucky enough to go please take lots of photos. What a great experience.

Lou said...

Il y aura beaucoup de photos pour toi ! Don't worry !