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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boutis - another petasson

Not too long ago, I acquired another petasson.  This one has a geometric overall design, and is rectangular with an embroidered edging.  Although it is small, I did wonder if it was more of a small crib boutis than a petasson, since is it a little larger than is typical.

 It is firmly stuffed and the stitching is even but not as fine as the piece as I last bought.
 Central geometric design with roses (?) running around the outside.
The embroidered frill has been attached so it looks almost like a piping.
Otherwise I am making progress on my large vanne.  Three more final borders to go, they are large and will be gorgeous when stuffed. 
Hope everyone gets some stitching time today.


hiromi said...

A "new"old one! It is quite interesting not only boutis but also the embroidered edging. The design is as well. The central geometric design and roses (I agree!) make a good combination.

Lou said...

Il est très beau ! la dentelle autour est très originale.

CecileD said...

You've found a gorgeous pétassoun ....The lace around it makes it very original !

Marie du Gard said...

coucou Heather,
j'espère que tu vas bien.
Ce pétassoun est magnifique.
Gros bisous. Marie