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Friday, January 15, 2016

Schwalm Whitework - Online Course offered by Luzine Happel

On this wet and windy day here in Florida, it would be great to stay home and start stitching on something new.   That will have to wait for later for me, but I do want to share something with you that I think will be SO helpful to stitchers wanting to try Schwalm.    As I recounted during the summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Luzine Happel at her museum in Eschwege.    She has a wonderful collection of breathtaking pieces, antique as well as the many perfect, beautiful pieces she has painstakingly stitched over many years.  You will be amazed by her sampler, and the ingenuity displayed in the many different patterns.

Luzine is very generous about sharing her knowledge, and her website is full of detailed, precise information to help everyone learn to make exquisite pieces.    Sit down with some coffee and plan some time to explore at her online home.

Her latest venture is to offer an online course with personal feedback.   I subscribed to this, and received my package this week.  There is a kit with everything you will need to get started, items carefully labeled with their source, as well as a spiral bound book with detailed instructions.   I am going to start this weekend !  The price is very reasonable, and tax is deducted for orders from the USA.  I was able to easily pay via PayPal, and the fee includes shipping.    So don't hesitate !   You will not be disappointed.
Photo from Luzine's blog my kit is exactly the same.

HERE is the link to the blog page describing the online class and how to go about signing up.

This is the hotel where we stayed in Eschwege

 Just a couple of the pretty houses in the town

I have no affiliation - just wanted to share something that I believe will make many stitchers happy.


Karen said...

Hi Heather! I saw this on her blog and was seriously considering taking the course. Now I may get even more serious! Keep us apprised of how you do.

Lou said...

Je sens que tu vas avoir un beau week end ! Merci pour les liens, j'ai passé plus d'une heure sur le net à regarder tout ça, cela donne envie de faire un petit essai ;)
Amuse toi bien ! Mais tu ne vas pas mettre 8 semaines lol
gros bisous

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