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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pernes les Fontaines

Just back from a trip to Germany, and couldn't resist a side trip to Provence to visit Lou.    She pointed out to me that the Fete du Patrimoine in Pernes would happen the middle weekend of our trip, so instead of her visiting us to go to Sainte Marie aux Mines, I had the pleasure of visiting her and Pernes.
This festival takes place every 4 years.   The entire village dresses the part, the costumes are from about 150 years ago.   You see dresses, caps, childrens' clothes, mens' workwear and Sunday best, biciycles, motorbikes (2 stroke motors,making lots of noise and smell !), carriages and horses, old cars kept in perfect condition, just about all you could imagine,  Even the shops decorate their windows with items from that time period.

These two were making wonderful baskets.

 The organ grinder

during lunch, there was a break from desmonstrations, and many groups ate together, decorating their tables and using their old dishes the way things used to be.  This man was cooking over an open fire for his group.

Houses are always irresistible to me !

Amazing carved doorway.  

 There was a gentlemen who rode around in costume on one of these - being English, I would call it a "Penny Farthing".
There was a group of ladies demonstrating boutis, in the middle of the square in the open air.   We were lucky to have a fabulous, dry sunny late summer day.
An important visit of our day was to visit the costume museum in Pernes.   Unfortunately, photos were not permitted.  The association supports a "Drapier" as it would have been more than 100 years ago, with courtepointes, fabrics, hats, etc, as well we as a small costume museum.   We were fortunate to listen in as the president of the association was explaining the costumes.   Visit their website here

And this is what I wanted to see - a lady demonstrating "fuseaux" of lavender.    Her method was different from what I had seen before, very beautiful and the perfume was intoxicating.

Of course, since we were also in Germany, here are some of my beloved house and flower pictures.   I never get tired of decorated windows and doors, choices for flowers, Hof (courtyard) decorations.   It was the perfect time, just a few days before the official start of the main wine harvest.   Being in wine country, our daily view was past vineyards full of plump ripe grapes.   After a poor summer, the warm sunny September weather was improving the quality daily, with some reports that the Oechsle degrees (sugar cotnent) were rising several points a day.

This was in Hunspach, beautiful Alsatian village.   I love it because all the houses are beautiful and in good condition, but it is not commercialized, no touristy shops here.

I have not forgotten about stitching, but I have not done much recently.   Updates on that soon !


hiromi said...

Thank you for your beautiful report. I was waiting for seeing your pictures. Everything is brilliant. I am interested in "fuseaux de lavande" as well!

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Liebe Heather,
vielen Dank für die schönen Fotos und den Bericht. Das war sicher ein tolles Erlebnis :-)

Liebe Grüße

Karen said...

How much fun is that? Love the photos! Fuseaux de lavande? Braiding or weaving? Sounds like a wonderful thing.

Lou said...

De beaux souvenirs ;) bisous

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