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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lei roucas dou barri Pierrefeu du Var

These hearts were made by Lou

This association has a wonderful exhibition planned for March 13-14, 2010. I heard about an interesting challenge from boutis-et-cie.blogspot.com that will form part of this show. It is called Boutis Wall of Love and the rules for participating are as follows:

Boutis hearts will be suspended from the wall, with the address of the participants on the back, as well as a note to the recipient. On March 14 there will be a drawing, and each heart will go home with someone other than the maker - that is, an exchange. If you are interested in participating, contact mame83@free.fr

The rules are as follows:

A heart in boutis, your own work, design of your choosing, size 7-20 cm (in inches approx. 2 3/4 x 7 3/4), made of batiste or cotton, white or color, stuffed with lavender, cotton, or other stuffing.

What do you think ? I hope that some of the ladies here will participate, there is plenty of time, and what a great concept. I am thinking about what to put on mine .......

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Lou said...

Thank you for them to speak about "Mur d'amour en boutis".
I'm going to post a comment on my blog so !
Good labor day Heather.