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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Projects

I have been amusing myself with working on a couple of small things this week, they go fast and that is good sometimes. I have been working on a big vanne for a long time, so it was nice to have a break !

Diese Woche habe ich mich mit diesen kleinen Sachen amuesiert, es ist manchmal recht gut ein schnelles Ergebnis zu haben. Seit langem arbeite ich an einem grossen "Vanne", und die kleinen Naehaccessoires waren eine willkommene Abwechslung.


Lou said...

Very pretty, it's good working on small things sometimes.Good week !

Sand and Sunshine said...

I love the pin cushion with the ribbon connecting to your scissors. Now to find a way to keep both on the table instead of falling on the floor while I quilt!

Nini Petits Boutis said...

thank you for putting me in your links
bravo for your work
yes small boutis are also happy to do