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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Petasson Progress

I am making progress on the reproduction of the antique Nimes petasson I found last year.  I had made some small design changes to the original, but the main elements are all still there.  I decided to make the center of the border flowers in the style known as Rosette de Petite Camargue.  I love this little stitch, it adds a delicacy to the piece.  However, it is HARD to cut into the fabric you have spent so many hours stitching, and I really had to take a deep breath before I did it.  There are 4 total rosettes, one on each side of the piece.  The rest of the design is rosemary sprigs, flowers, grapes, leaf swags, and the traditional petasson border.  If I can stuff a decent amount before the end of the day, I will post another picture (might even happen - what else should I do during the Superbowl !!!)

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Donna in SW PA said...

Looks great!! Keep on stitching.