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Monday, April 4, 2011

Broderie de Marseille Exhibit in Lincoln, NE

I have just got back from the Symposium, two days of bliss learning more about whitework quilts.  I have been waiting to visit the exhibition for a long time, as I really wanted to see the boutis in Kathryn Berenson's collection.  I had not appreciated how much more would be presented at the Symposium, and thoroughly enjoyed the presentations. 
I was a little disappointed that the rest of the museum's collection are not on permanent display;  they are catalogued online and you can look at them that way.  I hope that sometime in the future there will be more space for more quilts to be displayed.

I mostly took photos of elements of the boutis which interested me the most, so here is a small sample of them.


Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Lieb Heather,
das sind wunderschöne Arbeiten ! Da hat sich die lange Anreise richtig gelohnt :-)
Liebe Grüße

Lou said...

Magnifique ! On a envie de voir encore des photos lol ! merci de nous les avoir montré.

stadtgarten said...

Wunderschöne Werke!
Liebe Grüße nach Florida, Monika

hiromi said...

Everything is really impressive!
Thank you for giving me great opportunity to see these photos!
Hiromi xxx

Donna in SW PA said...

I was so glad to meet you there. Hope to geyt together again. Love the boutis!

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