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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Start, a Finish, and a Gift !

I picked up my Houses from the quilter this week, and was SO pleased with the design !  It really enhances the quilt.  I have bound it now and so here are some photos - unfortunately it is rainy here today so the light isn't very good:

The quilt pattern is in Edyta Sitar's book, the figs are an addition of my own.

If  I finish something, I can start something else, right ?  Last Sunday I traced the lovely boutis pattern from France Boutis 1st Salon which I attended in May.  It is on the linen gifted by Isabelle, and I ordered linen thread this week.  I will have to redo the basting, I put plain cotton on the back and I don't like it, it is too heavy and not white enough.  A good Swiss batiste is going to be taking its place:

And last but not least ..... my husband was recently in Germany, and much to my surprise, brought home these three absolutely lovely thimbles for me.  They are very old silver, I haven't even cleaned them yet, and the best part of all - all three fit me to sew with !  I love old silver thimbles to work with, they seem soft and comfortable to me, and as Sharon says ... they already know how to sew !


Lou said...

C'est superbe j'adore, le quilting est magnifique !

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Liebe Heather,
Dein Häuserquilt ist atemberaubend schön und die Fingerhüte total klasse :-)
Liebe Grüße

Donna in SW PA said...

Love your quilt and thimbles. (The husband is a keeper)

Marie du Gard said...

Bonsoir Heather, tes ouvrages sont splendides. Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur à faire le boutis. Il est très beau. Bon souvenir de la Provence.

Lou said...

J'ai oublié de te dire que forcément les dés j'adore !!!