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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Salon in Nimes, part 2

Since I did not take a large number of photos, I am relying on other participants to provide you with a glimpse of stands I missed.  We were on one side of the room, and many beautiful booths were in the first room at the entry.  Here is a list of other bloggers with large numbers of photos taken from all the various booths and their specialties:

Henriette from Pierrefeu

Boutis divins  They also have a wonderful description of the cutting of velours ribbon (needed for the hair ribbon of the ladies of Arles), an art form which requires 5 years of apprenticeship and hours of patience and accuracy.  There was a demonstration at the salon.

Dominique Fave

Marie Silvestre  Marie also took some wonderful photos of the antique pieces on display.


When we returned from Nimes, we spent a couple of days exploring our region of the southern wine route with Nicole and her husband,   I never get tired of the villages and houses, and this time we were rewarded with gardens in full bloom, especially the roses which were already spectacular mid May.

Nicole in Doerrenbach

Our son Stephan, who traveled a long way by train just to spend a day and night with us before going back to university.

As always, we are looking for inspiration for our boutis

The Wehrkirche Doerrenbach,  we walked through the vineyards and forest from Bad Bergzabern to Doerrenbach, a great walk.

The figs are advanced in Rhodt already.

Irresistable !

Wissembourg - red house next to the canal.

Have a great day !


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