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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

France Boutis on TV !

A local TV program made a presentation on the small town of Caissargues, and France Boutis was invited to present the art of boutis to the television audience.  As well as boutis, this program showed the town and some other interesting local things.  The blog has a link to the 3 parts of the program, and you can look at them one after the other.  There are some interesting presentations and explanations by well known boutis stitchers,  as well as some up close photos of techniques.

For those of you who are not aware of France Boutis, it is a organization founded in 2007 by four passionate boutis stitchers, Annie Noual, Huguette Roux, Isabelle Thurin and Nicole Carre.  The association has as its goal the transmission of knowledge of boutis and encouraging a link between boutis stitchers, either in groups or as individuals.

Here is the link to the France Boutis blog and the first part of the program, the other two were posted afterwards and you will see them listed in the blog archive:



Donna in SW PA said...

Lovely pieces. Wish I knew what they were saying! Thank you!

Lou said...

Hi, Hi !
Have a good day, Heather !