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Thursday, January 19, 2012

PQs BOM 2012

For our Guild, the Procrastinating Quilters, Janet Roni and I are planning the BOM for 2012.  We decided on a medallion style quilt with an applique center, but wanted to offer options for others who prefer to piece.  The first photo shows the center cut from a very large poppy print, the second one is the center made from an "orphan" applique block I had.  I am still working on the applique block planned for the quilt, it is on a black background.  Janet is making the pieced blocks picked for the center.  I am hoping that a lot of people will participate since there are so many options to use favorite techniques.  We are splitting it up into 6 parts, and offering the patterns every second month.  At the end, the quilt will be about 58" square.  What do you think so far ?


Angelikas quilts and knits said...

So ein Projekt macht bestimmt viel Spass ! Deine Applikation ist klasse - wie immer :-)
Liebe Gruesse

Lori said...

I had that same block made and mine joined 2 others I think. I gave them away! It looks good as the center of a medallion.